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The story of archives@work

Gia Watkins

Founder, archives@work

archives@work is born from my love of history, design, golf... and the country club life. I have been a lifelong member of a 128-year-old club that has hosted 5 USGA championships. I was a member of the golf team in college and still compete at the state level. I have owned a design and marketing company for 30+ years as well as side hustled in the antique trade as a hobby.


Four years ago I was asked to design a book commemorating the 125th anniversary of my club. It was great fun. The book design project turned into chairmanship of the Heritage Committee which turned into numerous projects – all designed to educate the membership about the club's history, build club pride, enhance our club brand, and attract prospective members. The projects included:

  • Sorting & organizing the archives
  • Researching additional history

  • Creating a Heritage Newsletter

  • Designing new display cases

  • Commissioning two posthumous oil portraits

  • Researching, designing and commissioning historic murals

  • Working with other club committees to enhance events

  • Placing historic markers on the golf course

  • Acquiring new items for the archives

The projects were fulfilling and well received. They utilized my experience as a club member, my talents as a designer and marketer, and my passion for history. I decided to offer the same services I provided to my club to other clubs. I have put together a team of talented writers, archivists, printers, and suppliers to help country clubs put their archives to work.

Schedule an introductory call to find out how we can help put your archives to work. 

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