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Turn your archives into a strategic resource.

archives@work will help you organize, preserve, display, and grow your archives

An investment in your archives, whether time, money, or both, is an investment in your club's future. Easily accessible stories and data about your club's history can be used for strategic planning, marketing, and social events. Nearly every club committee will benefit from a well-organized and documented archive:

  • The Building Committee can review past architectural drawings when contemplating an addition.

  • The Social Committee can gather ideas for annual galas, tournament dinners, family events, and holiday celebrations.

  • The Golf Committee can research golf course alterations, past tournament formats, and opportunities for historical markers on the course.

  • The Membership Committee can use the archives to educate the membership about the club history or to design a brochure for prospective members.

  • The Board of Governors and GM can use the archives to find answers to questions from the media or to provided information to town officials.


The uses for a club archive are endless. The contents of the archive are priceless and need proper care.

Schedule an introductory call to find out how we can help organize, preserve, display, and build your club's archive. 


This is a BEFORE and AFTER corner view of a neglected archive room. We worked with the club's Heritage Committee for several weeks to empty, sort, and organize the room. We continue to work with the club to catalog, preserve and display its history.

(Click, hold, and slide the circled arrows left and right to see full images.)


Whatever the state of your archive – boxes brimming with unknown items, it's been started but never finished, or organized but not cataloged – we can help.


There are preservation options for all size budgets. We can help you preserve documents, photos, ephemera, trophies, golf clubs, garments, paintings, and much more.


There are many methods of displaying artifacts. We will help design and choose the best option. Most importantly, displays must protect the item and tell a story.


There are a few ways an archive can grow – donations, research, acquisitions, and collecting present day "history in the making". We assist in all ways.

Schedule an introductory call to find out how we can help organize, preserve, display, and build your club's archive. 


Custom framing protects important historic photos and documents while enhancing your club interior.


Unique branded championship boards with bas relief logo medallions and easy to add-on lettering. Display cases with flexible shelving easily accommodate a variety of exhibit materials.

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